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Round Up Concerns

Dawson's Hardware has been paying close attention to the recent findings of the UN's International Agency for Research on Cancer, which declared RoundUp, manufactured by Monsanto and one of the most common weedkillers used in the United States, to be a "probable human carcinogenic." As a vendor of this particular product, we must pause and consider the results of such studies and how they relate to the products we keep on our shelves, sell to our community, and ask our employees to handle.

As Dawson's Hardware does our own research and considers the right path forward, we hope that our customers will continue to rely upon their local, family-owned hardware store to offer the safest, most effective home improvement solutions for you and your family. National Geographic published a neutral, informative piece about RoundUp which can be found here:





As always, Dawson's Hardware welcomes feedback and suggestions from our loyal, informed customer base. If you have any questions regarding this information, please ask to speak with one of our Store Managers. Our goal is to remain a leader in customer service and product availability, while considering the health and well-being of the very community that we live and grown in.