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Ice-Melting Products:
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ICE-MELTING RULE(S) OF THUMB: Do not over apply! Read application instructions carefully and use as directed! Any and all ice melt products will produce a chemical reaction that can be harmful to pets, humans, concrete, and other materials if not supervised and executed properly. Wear gloves. Do not use ice-melters on concrete which is less than one year old/not fully cured. Always remove slush and water before refreezing occurs. Always wipe animal paws, children's mittens, and boots to lessen indoor exposure of salts and chemicals.

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How do they work?

Ice-melting products attract moisture to themselves to form a brine which generates heat and melts ice. The product must reach the pavement to become effective. Once on the pavement the brine can spread out and break the bond the ice has with the pavement. As the ice is loosened, it can more easily be shoveled away.

            #1, #2:  Safe Step - A blend containing magnesium chloride, Sure Paws and Power 6300 is the least harmful to people, pets or vegetation when used as directed. Power 6300 contains a powerful melting catalyst, MG 104®, which helps prevent refreezing up to 2½ times longer than conventional products.

            #3:  True Value Fast Melt - A blend of potassium chloride, urea (used in fertilizers), and sodium chloride (rock salt), True Value Fast Melt is an economical solution for "safer" ice melting. Note the use of urea, though, and be sure not to over-apply as it can cause damage to vegetation.

            #4:  Qik-Joe Ice Melt - Made popular because of it's ability to "melt ice on contact," This product has become a popular substitute for "roof pucks" as it is the least damaging to shingles, gutters, and siding. Qik Joe melts ice down to temperatures of -25 degrees F. Qik Joe is made solely of calcium chloride pellets which are corrosive to metal, damaging to vegetation, and harmful to concrete if over-applied and not removed properly.

            #5: Qik-Joe Safe Pet -A "safer" alternative to Qik-Joe, Qik-Joe Safe Pet is non-corrosive and works by preventing ice from re-bonding.

            #6:  Ice-A-Way Rock Salt - Rock salt (sodium chloride) is the least expensive and most efficient way to melt ice. Rock salt is not as harmful to concrete as other products, but can be damaging to vegetation and is corrosive to metal. Because it is straight salt, it can be harmful to pets if not removed from walkways and/or their paws.


Natural Alternatives -  Other more natural products can be used to treat icy sidewalks and driveways. Although they are less effective, they pose less harm to the environment and pets. Sand, sawdust, kitty litter, and wood shavings provide a measure of traction while not actually melting ice and can be mixed with ice-melting products to lessen the use of chemicals. Dawson's sells all-purpose sand, play sand, bags of tube sand, and kitty litter!!


Give us a call to check up-to-date availability: (978) 927-1320 for Beverly and (978) 887-2343 for Topsfield.