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Dawson's Has a Mr. Fix It

Need your grandmother’s lamp rewired for sentimental and safety reasons, or maybe you picked up an antique at the flea market and you really want it electrified? Does your drill smell like its burning when you pull the trigger or maybe your power sander backer pad looks like you hit it with the chainsaw? Maybe you just need a new handle on your old trusty axe or a new cord on your coffee maker? Whatever your repair needs, chances are Mr. Fix It can handle it.


George Lawler has been employed by Dawson’s Hardware since 1982. Outside of family members, George has been with us here longer than anyone. He has seen three different buildings, three leadership changes, three generations of family working, and countless other employees who have filled out our “True Value family”.


With his desk stationed out behind the service counter most people don’t ever get to see the “man behind the wall”. He sits out there by himself, surrounded by boxes of tools and a myriad of bags and containers filled with parts, quietly tinkering with your repairs all day long. He aims to please with every task and does his absolute best to get your precious cargo in and out within a reasonable period of time. Most items are repaired and back in their proper home within a week; however, there are times when special parts and required and extra time is needed to procure those parts. Rest assured George is always on top of the job at hand and always takes care of your special items.


George, we at Dawson’s Hardware would like to thank you for the last thirty one years of service. We would not be able to offer our customers half of the services that we do without your valued service to our company and our customers.